An Introduction To Magnetic Copper Bracelets

An Introduction To Magnetic Copper Bracelets


Copper is an indispensable resource to humankind and has numerous health benefits for many people. Copper has been historically used for medicines for centuries by Egyptians and Babylonians, and current evidence has suggested that copper deficiencies may be more prevalent than what was previously thought.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the numerous health benefits and the uses of copper bracelets.

1.  Helps Improve Mineral Absorption

Scientia press researchers have confirmed the fact that copper bracelets have micro minerals such as iron and zinc. These crystals are absorbed in the bloodstream gradually in appropriate quantities. The benefit of direct sources of copper such as copper bracelets is that the minerals are absorbed directly in the blood without being processed by the liver.

For the people having iron and zinc deficiencies, an easy fix would be to start wearing copper bracelets. Minerals that are absorbed by sweat reach the bloodstream directly instead of getting processed by the liver.

 However, this might not be a satisfactory solution for people suffering from extreme iron deficiencies, and people with severe iron and zinc deficiencies should take supplements as well as wear copper bracelets.

2.  Historically Believed To Bring In Magnetic Healing Therapy


Since ancient times copper has been used to help minimise inflammation. Through the reasons for low inflammation have not been appropriately researched up till now. Ancient folklore believes that wearing copper bracelets can ease the pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

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The belief that copper can ease joint pain led to extensive research by Sorenson 1976 and Hostynek et al. 2006 which found that metallic copper can indeed penetrate the skin.

However, recent studies from the arthritis foundation have indicated that copper bracelets might not be as big of a benefit as we have previously thought them to be. Magnet therapy has been proven to have little effect on arthritis pain and cannot be considered as a substitute for proper medical treatments.

Many people claim that they feel improvements in their pain after using copper bracelets; however, research has indicated that these claims may be nothing more than a result of a placebo effect.

Many may feel that copper bracelets and rings might help their conditions drastically; however, that is not true in light of recent research.

Copper bracelets can only alleviate pain and not reduce.

3.  Copper Has Anti-Aging Properties


 Copper has two fundamental features that make it an excellent ingredient for use in products for anti-aging in the skin. There has been extensive research that has proved that copper can help in the synthesis and utilisation of skin and thus delay the ageing process.

Magnetic Copper Bracelet Elderly Old Age UK Benefits

The skin is our largest body organ that protects our internal tissues from damage chemically and physically. It also helps us prevent loss of water from our internal organs and muscles, and copper helps us maintain and improve the condition of our skin by exceeding components and minerals that help increase collagen production.

4.  Copper Has Many Anti-Bacterial Properties

 Historically copper has been used for its anti-viral & anti-bacterialproperties in many medicinal pieces of equipment and for killing many bacterial cells. There are several chemical mechanisms including direct contact mechanisms and contact killing.


Exposure to copper or copper compounds can kill many bacteria that are otherwise hard to kill. Therefore wearing copper bracelets can help you gain some of the anti-viral & antibacterial benefits.

Ancient Egyptian cultures used different forms of copper to help and treat eye infections. The Babylonian civilization also widely used copper as a disinfectant.

There is an interesting article right here, if you would like to read a little bit more about the benefits of Copper

5.  Helps Strengthen Bones

Copper has multiple elements that can help strengthen bones; many people use copper bracelets for strengthening their bones especially many athletes.

Strengthen Bones Magnetic Copper Therapy Bracelets Health Benefits

Copper deficiencies in the body can end up in fatigue fracture as well as many other bone problems. Wearing a copper bracelet is an ingenious way to help your body get a direct source of the bone-strengthening components.


6.  Historically Used To Increase Cardiovascular Health


The copper bracelet has become recently popular because of its surprising ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Lack of copper in the body can cause an imbalance in the body which can cause increased blood cholesterol levels.

 Magnetic Copper Bracelets Cardiovascular Health Benefits

The scientific reason for this is that copper is used to linking cross-link fibers like Collagen and Elastin that help the decrease of aortic aneurysms. Copper can thus be a necessity for keeping the Elastin fibers intact.


7.  It’s A Trendy Option To Wear


If you someone who loves copper bracelets, you're going to love the designs we have in store for you. Copper designs are a fresh and trendy option to wear and are being recently worn by many celebrities on online pages.

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Celebrity endorsement of copper bracelets has led to their hype and has also led to an increased awareness of the potential health benefits of copper and the benefits of wearing copper in the form of bracelets, rings or necklaces.

Copper is also a durable material and can last for long periods, unlike the artificial, plastic bracelets that provide no benefits and lose their colour with use.


8.  Disclaimer:

A critical disclaimer to include for people who are thinking of opting for copper bracelets is that for people that have any electronic devices installed in their bodies like pacemakers and other medical health devices. Please ask your medical practitioner before using a copper bracelet and have a detailed discussion on the possible health effects the installation of this device can cause.

Another disclaimer that we feel we should include is that copper bracelets are in no way an utterly comprehensive treatment to arthritis, joint pain, skin problems, and bone health. The bracelets can only be used as a supplement to help alleviate skin conditions.



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